The Billany Family

For many years we've waited
For the power to elect
"One of ourselves" who knows the People's wants
And in the House of Commons
Among the favoured and select,
Would his duty do in spite of all their taunts.
Chorus: For we have no doubt or fear
But march forward, persevere,
Neither turning to the left or to the right;
And the brighter day that's dawning,
We will hail it with a cheer
And for "Billany" the working-man we'll fight.

(From Mark Hasting's 'Radical Songs for Working Men, Specially Composed for Election Meetings in support of Mr N.B.Billany)

Neiles Boynton Billany. Dan's great-grandfather was a champion of Hull's working men and the first weekly waged man to stand for Parliament. A drinking fountain was erected in West Park to honour his memory.

Louisa WilsonLouisa Wilson

Dan Billany's maternal grandmother.

Dan described her as 'an angel because she was a constant support to his family in the early days when they were struggling against poverty and ill health.

 Lincoln Billany
Lincoln Abraham Billany.

Born on 14th April 1865 (the day Abraham Lincoln was shot)
Lincoln Billany was a socialist all his life.With strong political interests he was very much part of the industrial struggle of the times. In 1886 he married Betsy Wilson and had four children, the first was Harry Rusling Billany, Dan's father.